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About glory house appreals inc

Our Garment Buying Offices and Agents was started in the year 2006, by Mr.Shane. With vast experience in garment field Mr.Shane has satisfied clients globally. Glory House Apparels Inc is to “make customer and not a sale”

Our company believes that buying is an experience itself. We have highly skilled and experienced team who will take care of hassle free garment sourcing experience. With our dedication and timely delivery we have made a mark in the apparel industry in international domain.

Glory House Apparels Inc provide end to end garment sourcing service, this helps global brand to build there presence out of Indian and tirupur subcontinent. Service done in Glory House Apparels inc are garment product sampling, sample development, vendor selection, product development in bulk, complete quality control, price negotiation, buyer seller meet, logistic and shipment follow up.

Our team is always update with latest garment trends and supply chain, this help us to satisfy any type of customer globally. In Glory House Apparels in we approach business in more ethical manner, which help us to stand out in tough competitive Indian market. Our motto is to make buying a pleasant and profitable experience for our clients